Mobile, Tablet Growth Highlights Google’s Q1 Data


Google introduced Enhanced Campaigns in February 2013; adoption was predictably slow for the first couple of months before mandatory switch-over late in the summer. Year-over-year comparisons in Q1 data show that Google’s not-so-subtle shove in the back towards a multi-device world has worked; we compared data sets from Q1 2013 to Q1 2014, in both […]

How to Make Dynamic Search Ads Work


Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are not new, and you’ve probably heard of them before. But are you using them, or have you been scared off by the idea of letting Google control when to show your ads? First, if you haven’t heard of DSA, here’s a quick breakdown: Dynamic Search Ads will show your ads […]

Lingo Every Digital Marketer Should Know – And Put into Action


It’s hard to keep up with the latest digital marketing buzzwords. Although some are common knowledge – such as clickability, second-screen and infographic – some are unfamiliar to even the most experienced digital marketers. Here are four buzzwords that you should know – and put into practice. Adding these terms to your list of expertise […]

Radio Advertising for Digital Marketers, a Primer


As a digital marketer, you spend most of your life analyzing data, optimizing accounts, and keeping up with the ever-changing digital world. On top of that you have client relationships to manage and maintain 24/7. At 3Q Digital, we have a diverse portfolio of clients looking to grow and grow FAST! With growth comes higher […]

Hit an ad copy wall? Try these tips


I have a love/hate relationship with writing new ad copy. I love when I’m able to think of a couple of great ideas that really represent the brand and what they’re trying to sell. I hate feeling that I’ve written so many ad copy ideas in the past that all of my ideas and creativity […]

Is Google killing third-party platforms?

After Google announced yesterday that they will no longer pass paid query data outside of the UI, Marin very quickly responded to assure advertisers that their platform and others that rely on unique keyword IDs for bidding algorithms would not be affected by the change. This covers the majority of bid platforms that I am […]

Breaking: Google to mask query data for AdWords advertisers

Today, Google announced its plan to continue tightening up privacy around search query data. SSL, or secured sessions, will be applied to paid search data. This change, according to Google, will remove the query from the referrer on ad clicks originating from SSL searches on Here are a few quick bullet points to summarize […]

Why You Want Demanding Clients


There’s a prevailing notion that smaller clients are more challenging and more demanding. Whether it’s a small business owner sweating every decision, a new program trying to figure out the channel, or someone with too much time on their hands, the assumption is that small = pain in the butt. I say, GOOD! Whether you’re […]

AdWords Labelling – It’s Good for You


Once upon a time, I didn’t believe in AdWords labels. I had heard of people updating and using these things, but I never really saw a practical use – especially when AdWords Editor makes bulk adjustments to bids, budgets, etc. so easily. I mean with labels, really we’re just bucketing these ad groups/keywords so it’s […]

So your SEM budget increased – what now?

 Recently, one of my clients wanted to experiment and see what could be done if they pushed their spend. Seeing that we were well-covered on our search keywords and had tried most of the basics on the GDN, it took a little digging to come up with some potential ideas. When your client is open […]