3Q Digital debuts on the Inc. 5000

It’s been a great three years at 3Q Digital — and that was confirmed with yesterday’s release of the Inc 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.! Thanks to a three-year growth rate of 671%, we debuted at #677, amidst some pretty esteemed company (here’s the full list). Cheers and congrats to the […]

How to Stick to Deadlines – and Your Sanity – While Managing Creative Projects

We’ve all been there: “Can you just give us one more concept?”; “Can you try another image?”; “We need to do another round of revisions”; and my favorite, “I know it was approved, but we just have some last-minute changes…”. I would like to believe that these requests are not being made for the sole […]

A Brief Look at AdWords Quality Score


Quality Score remains one of the most frustratingly obscure metrics in an AdWords account, and this overview is not an attempt to demystify its mystery or unravel its history. There’s a great deal of worthwhile reading on the topic, so be sure to check that out if you have more questions after reading this post. […]

Google’s New Call Tracking Feature – Should You Use It?


Earlier this week, Google released a product that is in direct competition with call-tracking services like Mongoose Metrics or LogMyCalls. Obviously, Google’s not having insight into calls and revenue or leads driven from them is a big gap in data. The new product is meant to address this gap. To track offline calls, the new […]

My Spin on Weekly Client Calls


At 3Q Digital, we do weekly client calls with all our clients.  If one were to look down the entire 3Q Digital roster of Account Managers, I might be the biggest introvert of the whole group (irrespective of the character I play in social media).  However, my verbal succinctness doesn’t stop me from having very […]

Google Analytics for Paid Search: Basic Setup

Ah, Google Analytics. The interface changes regularly, the terminology can be obtuse, and there’s SO MUCH data that it’s hard to know what’s truly useful and what might just be a rabbit hole. Is it even worth learning? In a word, yes. But we’ve got a lot more space than that, so buckle up. In […]

How to Make Sure You Associate With Great Digital Marketers


Those of us in the digital marketing field are truly lucky. We work with the best and brightest around. Many of us have dedicated client services teams at huge search engines like Google who hire amazing employees from universities such as Stanford and Berkeley. As a Stanford grad, I must say it doesn’t get better […]

Google axes close variants option: what it means for advertisers

google close variant

The recent news of Google automatically opting all KWs into close variants is the latest AdWords change that will touch the majority of advertisers. So what are we are really looking at, what issues does it present, and how do we solve them? What it means to lose the option to opt out of close […]

Audit Your Site for Conversions and Profit, Part 2: Sales


Clicks are for Show, but Conversions are for Dough So let’s say your AdWords have done their job and brought you website visitors who are interested in your offer. Now it’s time to convert them to Customers on your Landing Pages. My previous post explained what conversion tracking is and how to set it all […]

Experts agree: Twitter advertising poised to boom


Regular readers of this blog, assuming they’re digital marketing aficionados, are no doubt familiar with Melissa Mackey, #ppcchat stalwart and frequent nominee on “most influential” lists. Well, Melissa was a recent guest on a soon-to-debut podcast series with our own Joe Kerschbaum, and she had some verrrrrrrrrrry interesting things to say about Twitter advertising. The short version: […]