Get to know: Maury Domengeaux, SVP of Operations at 3Q Digital


Get to know Maury Domengeaux, SVP of Operations, working out of our San Francisco Bay Area offices. What’s the first metric you check when you start the day? The 3Q Revenue Dashboard details projected revenue for the current month by client and service.  I then compare revenue to date with the projection to estimate where […]

When Not to Day-Part


Day-parting and geographical bid modifiers are great ways to target spend. Targeting when your customers are most likely to buy your product, in the areas where they are most likely to buy, seems like a no-brainer; no wonder it’s become a best practice in the SEM industry. However, SEMs often rely on the tactic when […]

Get to know: David Rodnitzky, CEO of 3Q Digital


Get to know CEO David Rodnitzky, founder of 3Q Digital working (mostly) out of our San Francisco Bay Area offices. Editor’s note to 3Qers: if you haven’t had the chance to, be sure to contact David’s assistant (Charo) and set up a time to have a one on one meeting with David. He’s eager to sit […]

Never Write Content for SEO Purposes


Before you start reading, ask yourself something: Why do you create content? Whenever you publish an article or product description, what are you hoping to achieve? If your answer is anything like “to get more visitors” or “to rank higher in Google,” then you’re doing it all wrong. Online content falls into one of two […]

Targeting, Bidding Strategies, and Advanced Testing for Facebook Advertising


Good creative makes a Facebook ad; you’ve doubtless seen dozens of blog posts about messaging, imagery, color scheme, etc. That’s all well and good, but you need the right targeting and sensible bidding strategies to get those ads seen by the right people. In this post, we’ll break down best practices and tips for different […]

Our Vermont Office – All About Community


Vermont is a hard place to understand for people who don’t know it. It is a very small place. Everyone knows everyone else. The people are a mix of urban creatives, farmers, hippies, Tri State-area transplants, thrill-seekers, 1-percenters and Bernie Sanders supporters. Although we are all so different, we all have one thing in common, […]

The App Store Landscape: Major Players and the Discovery Challenge


Apps are a major part of everyday life for a large portion of the population. There are billions available across multiple app stores. How do you get yours to stand out? First, let’s start with an understanding of the current App Store landscape. Discovery Challenge The rich get richer The biggest challenge to any app […]

2 Ways You’re Destroying Your SEO Efforts (& How to Fix Them)


In this in-depth how-to article, I’ll uncover two ways you’re unintentionally wasting your hard-won SEO efforts, and I’ll show you exactly what to do about it. But first, let’s you and I play a little game together: pull out your wallet, grab a $20 bill, rip it up into tiny pieces, and toss them into […]

The gaping hole in your competitive analytics


Avinash Kaushik wrote a killer piece that he calls the “ultimate guide for learning how to do amazing competitive analysis”. You should definitely check it out and read through the dozens of painstakingly assembled links. But there’s one glaring issue: it was written in 2015 but assumes the world is still like 2005. Nothing wrong with using Google […]

How to pitch Facebook ads to search-minded clients


Search is a fantastic marketing channel. If you know what you’re doing (or you hire an agency to do it for you!), the ROI can be huge. Facebook advertising can function much the same way, but you (or the client) need to be aware of its differences. Facebook advertising can perform similarly to other performance […]