Best posts of April 2015


May is here! That means it’s time to reflect on what we learned on the marketing front lines in April. Check out our favorite posts of the month: Account Lead Sean McEntee tipped us off to a fantastic and simple mobile ad copy trick that boosts CTR. Sr. VP of SEO Yung Trang took some […]

How to synergize audience insights from your Facebook and Bing Ads campaigns


When a company pursues the same audience, whether through social media or a search engine, chances are there’s a different manager in each channel. If this is the case, the company may miss the opportunity to synergize the audience insights from both channels to achieve greater success across the board. To illustrate, I teamed up […]

Auditing Sitelinks? Here’s a Quick Checklist to Make the Process Painless


Sitelinks are a great, free way to get more real estate, get exposure for more landing pages, and prompt users to take more actions on AdWords ads. (For a list of Sitelinks options, check out the AdWords help page.) But there are a bunch of criteria to meet and considerations to take to ensure that […]

Steps to launching a website in multiple countries


More and more, launching a website in multiple countries is becoming a stark reality for companies.  But how do you effectively reach customers across multiple cultures?  The following steps will help you get started as you plan, create, and market your website. -Perform keyword research for each country-targeted site, taking into account any alternatively spelled […]

The Art and Science of the Upsell through Behavioral Targeting


Ecommerce has been gaining momentum, with the experience of virtual consumerism now emerging as the standard for people who have come of shopping age in the digital era. But as competition among online retailers continues to rise, more businesses are being forced to change the way they look at their sales processes. In an environment […]

Google Q1 performance report: device distribution, efficiency offsets flat desktop

In advance of Google’s Q1 earnings call, we compared Q1 2014 to Q1 2015 data in both Google search and display campaigns from a representative selection of our accounts. Our results show that as Google’s former bread and butter – desktop search – has flattened out, diversification of devices and improved efficiency of display campaigns are helping […]

Easy Mobile Ad Copy Trick to Boost CTR


For a lot of retailers/ecommerce brands, mobile is a struggle. As advertisers, intuition tells us that we should be spending there, but with much lower conversion rates and climbing CPCs, it’s hard to justify ad spend without using sophisticated attribution proving the worth of mobile. What we do know about mobile is that searchers use […]

How to Build a Great Mobile App, Stage I: Planning


Planning, building, testing, and launching an app is hard business! It’s not for the faint of heart. But, it is certainly a winnable and worthy endeavor, especially as mobile traffic surpasses desktop. You’re probably asking yourself the same questions that thousands of marketers are – should we build an app? Is it worth it? Will […]

3 Sources for Content Idea Generation

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Content is still king in the modern world of online marketing. If you do not have original content coming into your website and social media sites on a consistent basis, you will have a great deal of trouble keeping up with your competition. However, you do not have to generate all these ideas yourself. There […]

Marketing Mavericks: an Interview with Cord Blood Registry’s Tia Newcomer

Tia Newcomer

Name: Tia Newcomer Company: Cord Blood Registry  Twitter handle: @tnewco  How long have you been in your current role? 2 years When you look back at the last six months, what were some of the biggest surprises of your job? Education is incredibly important in our industry, where 90% of cord blood stem cells are thrown in the […]