3 Significant Ways Google Plus Can Help Your SEM Campaigns


We’ve all heard that Google Plus can “help your SEO” but do you really know what that means? There are studies and statements from Google saying that social activity does not directly impact search results, even from Google Plus, so how on earth can anybody claim that our search marketing efforts are enhanced by getting active on […]

3 Ways to Boost Display Conversions using Email Lists


Most demand marketers today care about two key goals: how to generate more top-of-funnel leads, and how to achieve a faster nurture cycle so they can accelerate their pipeline. Lead nurture programs today are primarily email-based. However, new demand generation tactics now make it possible for marketers to use email lists in several ways beyond […]

How to run your first Twitter ad


So you want to run some Twitter ads, eh? We’ll leave the whys and goals to other blog posts, but this will walk you through the mechanics of starting your campaign. The first time you go to ads.twitter.com, you’ll be asked to set your country and time zone. Next, you’ll be presented with a menu […]

How-To: Automatically Update Graphs in Excel

Imagine if you could save yourself an hour a week (or maybe more) by automating the process of updating charts and graphs. Well…yup, you know where I’m going. There’s an Excel technique for that, so put your geeking cap on, and let’s get to it. The process that we are going to cover involves the […]

The Efficiency Frontier and How to Reconcile Conflicting PPC Metrics


In PPC advertising, a client will often set two or more diametrically opposed goals. “We are going to double-spend this month, but try to keep CPA the same.” The role of the search marketer is to acquiesce to these demands and wage war against mathematical relationships with account optimizations. The ultimate goal being to increase […]

Google in Q2: mobile, PLAs, competition on the rise

At 3Q Digital, we ran numbers for both standard search campaigns and PLA campaigns, totaling almost 280M impressions, to compare Google’s quarter-over-quarter numbers (Q1 and Q2 2014) in advance of Thursdays’s earnings call. What we found in both standard and PLA campaigns: seasonality and increased competition served to raise CPCs and costs, but conversions aren’t keeping […]

Audit your AdWords Campaigns for Conversions and Profit: Clicks


Welcome to the kick-off post in a three-part series that will teach you to audit your AdWords campaigns for conversions and profit. Today we’ll focus on the Campaigns (Clicks) piece; part 2 will focus on Sales (Customers), with part 3 tackling Profit (Cashflow). We’ll go through some basic truths, strategies, and philosophies about AdWords conversions, […]

14 2014 SEO Myths and the Truths Behind Them


Because of the relatively vague nature of SEO – relative to paid channels, that is – the field is more open than others to opinions…which can start off informed but, without checks and balances, can morph into myths over time. But the field evolves like crazy, so yesterday’s myths aren’t the same as today’s myths. […]

SEM Seen Through a World Cup Lens: Who Would the PPC Champion Be?

As the World Cup has been winding down, I’ve been trying to figure out how merge my love of soccer and understanding of SEM into a functional blog post. I thought about backing into success (a la Team USA losing to Germany) but lost focus when the team was knocked out by Belgium. I considered […]

Quick Tips for Making Your Blog Content Look Great


Great content needs a great layout. You could have written the most impressive, well-thought-out, precisely researched and informative blog post ever. It could be pure gold in text format, but without a layout and design that reflects its brilliance, your post might never meet its full potential. We eat with our eyes, and that includes […]