Use SEM Strategy to Tune Up Programmatic Display


I began my foray into online digital marketing by diving into the world of SEM.  Working in search engine marketing, I quickly learned the ins and outs of Excel as well as various tasks used to keep your account efficiently driving new business. A year and a half ago, I made a turn in my […]

6 Tips for Excel Etiquette for Client-Facing Reports


We’ve all opened an Excel doc that makes our eyes hurt, and it’s not necessarily from the reams of data within. If you’re spending a ton of time – aren’t we all? – putting together insightful, actionable reports for clients or colleagues, you want to make sure they don’t get headaches perusing them. Here are […]

Make Powerful Data Visualization Work For You


Now that we’ve covered what data you should avoid and how to curate your data, we’ll get into data visualization, which is an equally crucial piece of the presentation pie. Data visualization is by no means rocket science, but it can easily be done incorrectly. Anyone can build graphs, but it takes a little more effort […]

Web Queries for Mac: Yes, You Can, and Here’s How


I am a huge proponent of using 3rd-party tools to manage SEM campaigns. Aside from being able to manage accounts from multiple publishers in one place, 3rd-party tools offer plenty of features not available from AdWords or Bing. One of these features has become near and dear to my heart: web queries. Web queries give […]

Facebook in Q3: mobile leads huge surge in CTR, spend

Thanks in large part to mobile ad advancements including the rollout of the Audience Network, Facebook’s Q3 numbers show a dramatic increase in CTR and spend when comparing both year over year and quarter over quarter results. We run results on a total of over 650M impressions on both desktop and mobile last quarter. When […]

Dominate the SERPs by Adding PPC to SEO


Search engine results pages (SERPs) are a combination of organic listings and paid advertising vying for your attention. A user is only going to click on one or the other, so it’s natural for SEO and PPC to seem at odds. However, when put together, they become much greater than the sum of the individual […]

The Future of Digital Marketing: in Images


A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of presenting on the future of digital marketing to our clients along with some brilliant minds at Google. One of the more interesting displays was courtesy of professional storyboarder Nevada Lane.  They tell the story of the excellent presentations on their own. Enjoy:  

3Q Digital Download Episode 3: Close Variants


  Welcome to the 3rd episode of 3Q Digital Download Podcast. Join our host, Joseph Kerschbaum, and guest Robert Brady as they discuss the recent changes to Close Variants. Here are the 4 key takeaways according to Robert: 1. Use negative keywords to force a match to a specific keyword. 2. Consider the overhead of adding […]

Holistic SEO: a Guide to the Future of Organic Online Marketing


If you’re new to Search Engine Optimization, your head may be spinning a bit as you try to sort out truth from myth, fact from fiction, speculation from reality. And you may be wondering who to trust when even recognized experienced experts don’t all agree on various SEO-related topics. All of this is a natural […]

How to Curate SEO Data, and the Data You Should Avoid


Whether you’re in SEM, SEO, paid social, display, email marketing, etc., not all metrics are created equal, and bad data really is a thing. Being able to make sense of the noise is where you’ll provide the most value to your team and your client. Aggregate data: good, to a point Data in aggregate is […]