3Q’s SEO Team Takes the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a way to understand how people perceive their world, find motivation, and make decisions.  It categorizes people’s tendencies across 4 preferences: Introverted (I) / Extraverted (E): Does someone feel energized by being around others, or by being alone? Intuitive (N) / Observant (S): When taking in new information, does […]

The AdWords Mobile App: Good But Could Be Better


March was highlighted by the announcement that Google has finally give marketers the means to finally access their accounts seamlessly: a mobile AdWords app for Android. Although this app comes with very limited functionality, it gives us the means to easily review pacing performance and make minor account changes. Often, being logged into AdWords on […]

Digital Advertising Lags in Era of User-Empowered Opt-In Content

Device pile

In many ways, we live in an unprecedented era when it comes to access of the media content we consume daily. Hidden beneath the perception that our options have steadily evolved over the decades, something far more fundamental shifted for the first time in the very recent past. Yes, our content-delivery mechanisms have steadily evolved, […]

6 critical tips for keyword evaluation


Building out and expanding your keywords is a lot of work; we can all agree on that. But you can’t exhale for too long without turning your focus on optimization: adjusting bids, match types, account structure, etc., based on how those keywords are performing. Evaluating keywords for optimization is no easy task, and often, it […]

The Top 3 Lessons SEOs Can Learn from Game of Thrones


Season 5 of Game of Thrones, one of world’s favorite shows and mine, premiered on Sunday.  A lot has happened on the show in the past 4 seasons, and it reminds me of how many changes have occurred in the SEO world over the past 5 years.  So I can justify watching the show is […]

3Q Digital Donates Laptops to Computers 2 SD Kids


When the team at 3Q Digital needs new laptops, we don’t just throw the old ones on a shelf and forget about them (or worse: throw them away). We like to donate them to a worthy cause! 3Q Digital is proud to be able to support Computers 2 SD Kids with a donation of several […]

The Dilemma of the Mature SEM Account


There comes a point in an SEM account when you feel like you’re in a great place, the performance is stable, and you feel like you’ve tested every campaign type and Google Beta out there.  You say to yourself, “Could it really be that there’s not much else to do here? Do I sit back […]

Should you bid on your own brand name in AdWords?


Does it pay off to bid on one’s brand name in Google AdWords? The question has been addressed many times, but in this article I will explain in depth why it can be a great idea to bid on your brand name in AdWords. Is it a waste of money? New advertisers are often convinced […]

YouTube Metrics: What They Really Mean


I’ve written a fair number of blogs regarding YouTube in all its glory since joining 3Q, but I’ve realized these blogs leave something to be desired when it comes to understanding the outcome of all this work that goes into building a well-oiled YouTube account. So, I’ve decided to outline some of the basic and […]

21 Reasons to Grant GA Access to Your Paid Search Agency


Having Google Analytics access is absolutely critical to running paid search campaigns to their full potential. Read-only access is okay, but it falls far short of helping us truly optimize a client’s campaigns (I’ll explain, using several of the examples below, why Edit access is necessary). Here’s a selection of key use-cases for GA access […]