The Future of Digital Marketing: in Images


A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of presenting on the future of digital marketing to our clients along with some brilliant minds at Google. One of the more interesting displays was courtesy of professional storyboarder Nevada Lane.  They tell the story of the excellent presentations on their own. Enjoy:  

3Q Digital Download Episode 3: Close Variants


  Welcome to the 3rd episode of 3Q Digital Download Podcast. Join our host, Joseph Kerschbaum, and guest Robert Brady as they discuss the recent changes to Close Variants. Here are the 4 key takeaways according to Robert: 1. Use negative keywords to force a match to a specific keyword. 2. Consider the overhead of adding […]

Holistic SEO: a Guide to the Future of Organic Online Marketing


If you’re new to Search Engine Optimization, your head may be spinning a bit as you try to sort out truth from myth, fact from fiction, speculation from reality. And you may be wondering who to trust when even recognized experienced experts don’t all agree on various SEO-related topics. All of this is a natural […]

How to Curate SEO Data, and the Data You Should Avoid


Whether you’re in SEM, SEO, paid social, display, email marketing, etc., not all metrics are created equal, and bad data really is a thing. Being able to make sense of the noise is where you’ll provide the most value to your team and your client. Aggregate data: good, to a point Data in aggregate is […]

SEO Checklist – Are you ready for the holidays?


The holidays bring an influx of traffic to web properties, especially ecommerce-based web properties. Ensuring you’re putting your best foot forward prior to the traffic influx will allow both you and your customers to achieve the desired site experience. Even if your brand doesn’t host any holiday promotions, the sheer fact that users flock to […]

How to Have an Opinion


Whether you’re transitioning into a strategic role or you want to better manage your client relationships, it’s important to develop an opinion and effectively communicate that opinion to the client. I’ve summarized three key steps to getting back in the driver’s seat of conversations with your client. Learn SEM Knowledge First and foremost, you should […]

A Guide to Presenting at Digital Marketing Conferences


A few weeks back, I presented advanced PPC bidding strategies at SMX East. Today, I’m thrilled to share my favorite tips on presenting at digital marketing and search marketing conferences. Presentation opportunities are accessible to hard-working digital marketing professionals who have something truly valuable to share. Learn why you should present, how to secure opportunities, […]

4 Quick Fixes to Get Your Google Shopping Campaigns on Track


Google Shopping (formerly known as PLAs) provides a great opportunity for clients with appealing photos of their products. The trouble is, they’re often seen as a black box because of the detailed product feeds required, and there are several fundamental errors I’ve seen advertisers make in the feed that can quickly derail their results.   […]

Three Use Cases that Show the Power of AdWords Segments


As digital advertising continues to grow, we find ourselves with an ever-increasing number of ways that data can be sliced. Different slices or segments, as we find in AdWords, become powerful tools to understand what is truly influencing performance. For any marketer who is not currently utilizing these segments, I highly advise getting familiar with […]

Why Replacing All Copy with Promotional Copy Isn’t a Good Idea


Recently our team met with a client that had a pretty daunting request: they wanted us to completely change all of their high-performing, evergreen ad copy to promote a gift card with purchase offer. In addition, they wanted to do this twice, to create a sense of urgency. So, the first set of ad copy […]