Marketing Mavericks: An Interview with Shelby American’s Gary Schechner


Name: Gary Schechner  Company: Shelby American Twitter handle:  Biz/@shelbyamerican   Personal/@wsmc969 How long have you been in your current role?   Two months. When you look back at the last six months, what were some of the biggest surprises of your job? I’m still surprised daily. :) What are 2-3 bold predictions you’d make for the […]

3 reasons you shouldn’t always bid on your own brand


I have previously explained why I believe you should bid on your own brand in AdWords. I did, however, mention that it does not always pay off. In this article, I will describe three cases where you could consider not bidding on your own brand name. 1. You have many users who visit your site […]

3 Myths about Affiliate Marketing


When we think of digital marketing, we think PPC, SEO, SEM, Landing Page Optimization, paid social, and many others channels, but the one we tend to overlook is affiliate marketing. That’s because affiliate marketing is a behind-the-scenes channel; you don’t see us but we’re there, sending you traffic and sales from all over the web, […]

How to make an animated .GIF in Photoshop


Do you love .gifs (who doesn’t) and would love to know how to make your own? Bookmark this post, which will teach you to build out an eye-catching 300×250 .gif banner. The difficulty rating for this is a medium, and you’ll have to know your way around Photoshop a bit. I will go through the […]

Find Your Target Audience Using Google Analytics


At 3Q, we work with a lot of startup companies. In most cases, they have a general idea of who their target audience is before taking their product to market, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes they are incorrect about their assumptions or they just plain don’t know yet. In these cases, digital marketing […]

4 tips to optimize your Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) campaigns


If you’ve been lucky enough to tread the murky waters of a Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) advertising campaign, you’re likely looking for ways to cut your CPA.  GSP budgets are often large and contain a very important marketing initiative, which increases the stress level for an advertiser. GSPs are like a rollercoaster of emotions and […]

PPC Esoteria


“I cannot say the word eye any more . . . . when I speak this word eye, it is as if I am speaking of somebody’s eye that I faintly remember . . . . there is no eye — there is only a series of mouths — long live the mouths . . […]

How-To: Use Google Analytics to Support Content Marketing


We’re all about content marketing, but it has to be measurable. There are a number of specialized tools for content marketers, but Google Analytics is often the first tool we use to set the foundation.  With GA’s features we can leverage nearly every point in the content creation process, from brainstorming and targeting to campaign […]

Power Editor Glitch Alert: Editing Parameters in Multiple Ad Sets with Varying Audiences


Power Editor is a great tool for duplicating campaigns, ad sets, and ads. It also offers the functionality of editing multiple line items – but beware when trying to make a bulk edit to ad sets with different audience targeting. When the new parameters are entered, the tool actually overrides existing targeting. In this example, […]

Craft Content Marketing Campaigns to Increase Consumer Education


Consumer education is one of the most critical ways of serving customers and attracting others. Competition in the world today means every company wants to be the best in the industry. Effective content marketing programs incorporate very robust consumer education strategies. It’s one of the ways of connecting with the audience, building a brand, and […]