The Importance of Data Density & Account Changes


I often get asked by new employees and potential clients, “How often do you make bid changes?” My answer is, “There never has been, and there never will be, a schedule.” The reason? All account change frequency inherently depends on data density. First we must have sufficient volume of data on the whole, but more […]

The Non-Linear Narrative of Paid Search


If I were to examine the principal thread that runs through many of my all-time favorite films…it would be that that a large number of them contain non-linear narratives.  In other words, the story doesn’t follow a logical chronology where time advances forward throughout the film (allowing for the occasional well-marked flashback). While most conventional […]

Do not automate SEO!

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“Why don’t you just automate your SEO?” We hear this question from time to time, and it makes me cringe. We recommend against using any SEO tool to automate SEO efforts. Using an algorithmic system to optimize a site meant for human consumption will lead to flawed and incomplete recommendations. Of course, the idea is […]

The Final Countdown: Use Ad Customizers to Create Limited-Time Offers


“Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.” – Jim Rohn One of the best ways to create urgency and drive results is to use a Limited Time Offer. Limited Time Offers work because they create a sense of a ticking clock; by adding a Countdown, we can make this phenomenon literal. Naturally, I […]

UET DOT what? An easy set-up guide to track Bing and Yahoo ads


We must upgrade to Universal Event Tracking for Bing Ads by April 15th. The good news is that this new tag can be linked to your Yahoo Gemini account, meaning you can track Bing Ads, Yahoo Stream, and Yahoo Search with one pixel. There has been a lot of chatter about the setup for this […]

Free April 1st webinar: get up to speed on Facebook ads


Blink and you’ll miss something new in the land of Facebook advertising: powerful targeting upgrades, hot new ad types, an acquisition that lays the seeds for something big in the months to come. And as each quarterly report shows, advertisers who aren’t on Facebook are getting farther and farther behind a very important curve. We’re […]

Poor Man’s Guide to “Persona-lized” Testing


Your site’s visitors don’t all think, behave, and most importantly, convert, the same. Different segments of visitors respond better to different triggers. So if you’re lumping all of your visitors together in your A/B tests, you’re getting the average conversion results. But averages lie. Even if you don’t have the budget for personalization testing software, […]

Use These 5 Free Competitive Advantages in SEM


There are so many ways to leverage SEM, regardless of the industry you’re in! One of my personal favorites is utilizing the free ad extensions in Google and Bing (in this post, we’ll focus on Google). Applying ad extensions will make any AdWords beginner look like a pro amongst the competition. Let’s take a minute […]

QA: What is it, and why do we do it?


One of the most important parts of our jobs as SEMs is a little thing we call QA, or Quality Assurance. It’s so important, yet it’s so often brushed off or done half-heartedly because I don’t think it’s something that any of us would classify as fun. But it’s something I’m going to talk about […]

Acquiring context on our big announcement


Shortly after dinner Sunday night, I received a text from my agency saying: “We need all 3Q employees to be in the office for a special All-Hands on Monday, 3/16 [note the use of “special” rather than emergency], at 10 AM PDT. A dial-in will be provided for our remote employees.” Now, being at the agency […]