Bing has added some nifty annotations to its search ads lately, but we found one last week that bears reviewing: auto-appending title tags from the site to ad copy.

Check out the Relax the Back ad, below:

Relax the back

In the ad, you can see that “Best Ergonomic Pillows…,” which was automatically pulled from the page, isn’t the best secondary message for the ad copy. According to one of our Bing reps, the system pulls in the title tag of the landing page…but the reps can opt you out if/when you spot title tags that aren’t ideal.

Some quick takeaways:

-Check all of your Bing ads to make sure the title tags are relevant/optimal.

-If the title tag’s not ideal, first check the title tag of the landing page and decide whether or not it’s one you should amend.

-Make sure to coordinate SEO and SEM campaigns in future! (If you needed another reminder.)

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