Author: Kushal Kadakia

Back to the Basics: Revisiting Page Like Ads

FBX aside, there’s little doubt that Facebook prefers to see your ads in its newsfeed. It’s the premier real estate on Facebook, but don’t take my word for it: the social network itself reports seeing “over eight times the engagement for ads in the news feed versus the right-hand side.” Plus, there’s the little matter […]

Is Your Facebook Campaign Ready for 2013?

With Black Friday less than 10 days away, the holiday season is already in the books. CPCs will rise, particularly in verticals such as retail and e-commerce; consumers will be inundated with a barrage of ads (plenty of those consumers, it should be said, will eagerly sift through the chaos in search of the best […]

What the Open Graph Apps Quality Change Could Mean for Ads

Open Graph Apps Update Details Last week, Facebook revamped the custom verb approval process for its Open Graph apps. In an effort to drive more engagement to apps, Open Graph stories will be better presented in news feed and on timeline. Custom actions that represent content consumption (such as “view”) will no longer be approved. […]

Musings on Facebook’s Mobile Future

Having a proven mobile monetization strategy would certainly help Facebook allay concerns about its ability to generate revenue from its massive user base, particularly given the rapid adoption of its mobile site and apps. Yet what many anxious observers overlook when assessing Facebook’s average revenue per user is the relatively brief history of the company’s […]

Facebook Ads: How Objective Stacks Up Against Optimized CPM

This spring, Facebook rolled out a redesigned self-serve ad creation interface aimed at simplifying the process and jargon involved in building a marketing campaign on the platform. Aesthetics aside, the biggest change was the introduction of an “Objective” section: The Objective asks advertisers to define goals for their ads or sponsored stories. When promoting a Page […]