Month: May 2013

Are you bidding on your competitors’ likes yet?

Facebook likes are a huge deal. Companies and celebrities alike hoard them, trying to outdo the competition. Bully for those who do a great job of it. And bully for us advertisers who are sneaky/resourceful enough to bid on the likes of our competitors. Competitors have done the hard part (identifying people interested in a […]

Marketing morsels from: Dennis Yu

Our interview series with the titans of digital marketing continues with Dennis Yu, founder of BlitzMetrics and one of the industry’s most passionate, innovative Facebook practitioners. You can catch Dennis, going 90mph as usual, in a free Next-Gen Facebook Advertising webinar recorded last week. Name: Dennis Yu Title: Founder and CEO Company: BlitzMetrics What’s one metric you rarely bother to check […]

The Keys to Success in Social Marketing, Defined

social marketing strategies

At Kenshoo Social, we wanted to better understand the trials and tribulations of major advertisers (those spending $100,000/year or more on social media) to augment what we’ve learned from our own clients. We turned to Forrester Consulting and commissioned a study to shine some light on what drives success and failure in social media marketing. […]

Agile Management: Dealing with a Successful Campaign

agile marketing management

Working on digital ad campaigns on a regular basis, I am familiar with building safety nets and processes to reassure clients that – should a strategy fail – this, that, and the other solution will be quickly applied to turn the trend back toward an uptick. But, these things almost never happen. Digital advertising is […]

Knowledge (base) is power: how to archive your company’s wisdom

Today’s post is by Sam Naishtat, Training and Curriculum Coordinator. Welcome back, Knowledge Base aspirant! For the sake of arrogance, we’ll presume you’ve read the first two posts of this series, on why to build a KB and on what it should include, where it should go, who should contribute, and when to update it. The only […]

Unpublished Page Posts: The Undisputed King for Off-Site Conversions

unpublished posts are king

Today’s post is by Carmem Domingues , media analyst at Ampush. Off-site conversion on Facebook…. Where do I start? The world of Facebook advertising can be quite daunting with the myriad of options and possibilities at one’s fingertips. However, a good advertiser will know that each type of ad available serves a different purpose and […]

Use SEO Siloing to Map Website Architecture to Page Content

Today’s post is by Virginia Nussey, social media editor at Bruce Clay, Inc. My apologies for adding this phrase to the Web one more time, but give me a chance to defend once I say: content is king. No. Make that “content has no king.” Content spans the spectrum. Content is the substance of marketing, advertising, […]

Use Search Data to Prospect New Customers on Facebook

fbx targeting

First there was Facebook Marketplace, which lets marketers target Facebook users based on their demographic information and interests. Then came Facebook Exchange (FBX), a real-time bidding environment that allows marketers to target Facebook users based on the sites they visited outside Facebook. For example, if a user abandoned his shopping cart on and then […]

Power Up Excel Using Macros And UDFs

Scrooge McDuck said “Work Smarter, not Harder.” Wiser words have never been spoken. As a child of the ’90s (OK, ‘80s), I place great value on after-school cartoon philosophies. Part of working smarter is finding tools that help you perform your job better, like Excel. Two Excel features that save me time every day are […]

Stay truly connected with online communication

Words often have multiple meanings, largely determined by body language and context, though this is lost in most modern forms of communication. There is a lot of room for misinterpretation in this Internet era dominated by #generation where communique is distilled to emails, texts, and tweets. Today, when there are far more emails than face-to-face […]