Month: January 2013

The Psychology of Facebook Ads

Today’s post is by Hillary Read, Marketing Manager at PPC Associates. PPC Associates CEO David Rodnitzky has long posited that good ad copy appeals to one of these emotions: fear, vanity, greed, or exclusivity. You know, the old “two-day sale,” “best new [product],” “inventory running low – don’t miss out,” etc. That stuff is all over the SERPs, and […]

Facebook Conversions: One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Conversion rates on Facebook can be low for a variety of reasons. To increase your rate of conversions, a two-stage conversion model can help you reach a much greater number of potential customers, capture their information, and then keep them engaged, usually with email nurturing, with the aim of converting them into a paying customer […]

Facebook Exchange Ads: It’s not about you. It’s all about me.

Today’s post is by Christina Park, Director of Marketing at Triggit. On Facebook, I find most people, including myself, to be incredibly self-absorbed. The content that we’re drawn to are the posts, pictures, and comments that are most relevant to us. My next logical leap would be to think that this type of mentality would naturally extend […]

10 Things Parenting Has Taught Me About SEM

Today’s post is by Ruth Rich, sterling Account Associate and rather sleepless mother of two young daughters. Adding a second child to our family came with a unique set of challenges. Apparently, though, it wasn’t enough a challenge for me! Three months after our second daughter was born, I decided to give up the staid life […]

A guide to Facebook ad types

Today’s post is by Louise Steiner of Weave the Web Consulting. Since its IPO in May 2012, Facebook has been under continued pressure to demonstrate that it can turn ‘likes’ into $$$ and generate revenue for its’ shareholders. For Facebook, this translates into coming up with innovative ways of raising revenue from advertising; as a result, […]

Tips for Bing Ads certification

Today’s post is by Account Manager Lisa Becker, our Google Analytics champion who knows a thing or two about other platforms as well. For most search engine marketers, Google AdWords is the “bread and butter” of accounts – as well it should be considering Google dominates the global search market with roughly 84% market share.  […]

Content Arbitration and the Frictionless Margin

Today’s post is by Michael Yates, Account Coordinator and Renaissance thinker. The last time I wrote, I opened with the line, “First there was print, then there was Google.” That post dealt mostly with how Google plans to deliver its voice to people in the coming decades. Before reflecting upon consumption as the end point […]

How-to: Use Google Analytics to Solve the Facebook ROI Mystery

Today’s post is by Hanapin Marketing‘s Sean Quadlin. As someone obsessed with making sure that my clients are getting an optimal return on investment, Facebook’s inability to track conversions has always baffled and annoyed me. It’s sort of like that person that you fell in love with exclusively online – the less information they give you, […]

AdWords Labels: Why I Love Them & You Should Too

Today’s post is by Katie Saxon, a UK-based PPC pro (hence the stray vowels) working for Boom Online Marketing.  If you aren’t already using AdWords labels, you are missing a trick. Introduced last April, they simply make account management much, much easier. I’m going to assume that you already know how to use labels and I’ll get […]

The Case for Third-Party Facebook Marketing Applications

For many marketers, one of the most challenging parts of managing Facebook ads is simply using the interface they have provided, which appears to be an attempt at making the entire process as slow and painful as possible. Where Facebook fails, others have picked up the slack and have created applications that can be used […]