Month: December 2012

Weighing desktop vs. mobile Facebook campaigns

Today’s post is by Stanna Johnson, online content writer and social media enthusiast. There is an awful lot of buzz around Facebook mobile and how this version of Facebook is better for advertisers looking to grow their brand. But for every person shouting “Tastes great!” there’s another shouting, “Less filling!” What we have going on […]

Lucky 2013 for digital marketers? Our experts weigh in

2012 is in the books. A year of change in digital marketing? A few hundred (or so it seems) Penguin updates, waves of Facebook releases, Google Glasses teases, and the usual AdWords developments would say yes. So what will we be recapping 12 months from now? Will 2013 be as momentous? Here’s what our experts […]

Consider These 3 Things Before Investing in FBX

Today’s post is by Rosetta’s Mike Pocci. If you’ve been following Facebook’s recent developments in the realm of direct-response advertising, you’ve probably heard of the Facebook Exchange (FBX). For the first time in Facebook’s history, the social media powerhouse is allowing advertisers to use third-party data to target its users (until now, targeting was restricted […]

“Killing Your Darlings” – the PPC Dangers of the Creative Ego

PPC isn’t magic; it’s math, statistics, diligence, common sense, and creativity. The first four elements are pretty black and white — which is not at all to say that all practitioners are equal, just that the pursuit of excellence in those elements doesn’t play favorites. Then there’s creativity: display ads that pop, landing pages that compel […]

Set Yourself up for Success on the Facebook Exchange

Since the public launch of the Facebook Exchange in fall 2012, advertisers have been lining up to get on one of the newest and most effective platforms in display. Virtually all of FBX’s approved partners have touted its performance, and story after story is reinforcing the effectiveness of this new channel.   Whether you’re a […]

AdWords in the UK: A U.S. Advertisers’ Survival Guide

Today’s post is by Katie Saxon, a UK-based PPC pro working for Boom Online Marketing.  With the economy facing tough times, smart businesses may be looking to overseas markets like the UK to bolster trade. AdWords is an obvious route to market, yet there are subtle differences in both the clientele and AdWords itself that you have […]

Catch-Up Tips for the Holiday Week

Like many SEMs, I will be working the week after Christmas. I personally enjoy freeing up the PTO to be used in more pleasant months (when I can’t see my breath outside). Depending on your accounts, this can end up being a slow time best used for catching up. Here are some ideas for what […]

Know Your Facebook Mobile Advertising Options

As many of you may already know, Facebook recently launched a new update to the Nearby feature for iOS and Android apps. The Nearby update has allowed Facebook to set foot into local search territory. In addition to informing you of where your friends have checked in, the new Nearby update will also show you […]

Happy holidays from FBPPC!

If you’re reading this, on the afternoon of the Friday before Christmas, we know you’re loyal. And we appreciate it. We’ll be back on the 26th with more Facebook advertising news and views, but until then, have a wonderful, warm holiday. Safe travels and warm wishes!

Happy holidays from PPC Associates!

Friends, readers, contributors…you’re all great. Take a few days off. We’ll be back on the 26th with more cutting-edge content, but until then, have a wonderful, safe, festive holiday!