Month: October 2012

Key Issues to Consider When Using Page Post Ads

Page post ads allow advertisers the flexibility to create an ad out of any published content on a fan page.  With a larger format for links, videos, and photos, these ads can encourage much higher CTRs than other ad types. Additionally, page posts are sponsored stories carrying the voice of a friend and are enabled […]

Tips for SEM Holiday Prep

So as you may know, the holiday season is upon us. What? You disagree? I’m a little too early on this one, you say? Is the tree up at your local mall? Is Santa alongside him? Yeah, I thought so. Anyhow – for my fellow SEMs, I’ve compiled a brief list (with several points gathered from coworkers who’ve seen […]

The Marketer’s Guide to YouTube, Part 3: Ad Types

Welcome back to our Marketers’ Guide to YouTube series! If you’ve read the first two posts, you should know why to use YouTube and which of the two platforms to use and when. Today’s topic: ad types! There are five types of YouTube ads: in-search, in-stream, in-slate, in-display, and preroll. We’ll break down how they appear, which platforms offer them, […]

What Facebook and Google Advertisers don’t know about each other

      Last week, Google reported they were making $100 million a day, primarily on 5.5 billion search impressions per day. That works out to about a $20 CPM, which is the same as a 2% CTR with a $1 CPC or a 4% CTR with a $.50 CPC.   Now, consider Facebook at […]

In-House/Agency SEO Expert: My Interview With Dave Rohrer

I’ve written before about how cool it is to show up in a strange city and meet up with a fellow search marketer. My recent company retreat in Las Vegas coincided with a search conference, and via social media, I learned that my search marketing colleagues Simon Heseltine and Dave Rohrer were in town. I […]

Triple Play World Series Facebook Tactics

      (Editor’s note: Dan wrote this Friday, while the World Series was up for grabs. Congrats to the Tigers on a hard-fought battle…and, of course, to FBPPC’s hometown Giants. Dynasty, anyone?) The Detroit Tigers are in the World Series this year, playing the San Francisco Giants. Since the beginning of the fall classic, […]

How to Make Creatives that Sparkle for the Season

      With the holiday season just around the corner, you want to be sure you’re ready for the possibility of increased traffic and conversions. Here are some tips for helping your creatives succeed through the hustle and bustle of the holiday advertising season.   Give your Facebook Page a holiday makeover. Take your […]

The Best of Google Analytics for SEMs

Today’s post is by Account Manager Lisa Becker, whom you may recognize from her 15 minutes (ahem, 15 seconds) of Google Engage for Agencies fame. Or not, in which case you might recognize her as the girl painstakingly checking her watch and tapping her foot patiently waiting in line at Dunkin’ Donuts in downtown Chicago. […]

Which Candidate is More FANtastic on Facebook?

      The normal American will likely weigh in on who won the various presidential debates, but as a Facebook advertiser, I find that who is winning online can be a lot more interesting.   Consider the two candidates’ Facebook pages and fans. While certainly Obama had been leveraging Facebook for a longer period […]

Evaluating a PPC campaign using Break-Even Analysis

Making marketing decisions can be difficult, particularly when deciding to implement a new marketing plan. It’s easy to become attached to an idea and push it forward when a plan just feels right. Trusting your gut can serve you well in some scenarios, but it’s not always the best way to make business decisions. It […]