Month: September 2012

Tips for Optimizing Your Holiday Ads

      With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s important to optimize your Facebook campaigns accordingly. A comScore report released earlier this year revealed that online retail sales reached a record high of more than $37 billion during the 2011 holiday season.   What played a part in the 15% increase from 2010, you […]

LinkedIn PPC – Can It Work? Yes!

Today’s post is by Terry Whalen, Managing Director at Sum Digital, a San Francisco digital marketing agency. Terry has managed millions in PPC spend for consumer and B2B advertisers since 2006. We all know LinkedIn has a PPC platform – but do we always consider LinkedIn when we’re evaluating how to grow PPC programs? At least for me, sometimes the […]

The Ups and Downs of Display Campaign Activity

Patience is the best remedy for every trouble. –       Plautus Being that I work remotely from my home in Cleveland, I travel back to our HQ in San Mateo about once a month. After doing this for eight months, I have started to become a true frequent flyer. Experiences at an airport, those that once […]

Facebook Search Engine – Musings and Predictions

      In a recent TechCrunch event, Mark Zuckerberg discussed positioning Facebook as a potential search engine. He noted they are processing 1 billion queries a day and currently have a team working on a search engine feature.   Zuckerberg believes Facebook is uniquely positioned to answer questions people have, such as “What restaurants […]

A Trick for Pulling Useful Facebook Metrics

      In a recent, lengthy, awesome post, Avinash Kaushik covered a lot of ground in the social space. One particular point that he touched on finding useful metrics to report on the effectiveness of Facebook Pages. Although these metrics are not specific to all Facebook Ads, they can apply to Sponsored Stories or […]

Search Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Marketing, Part 2: Interest Targeting

      For part 2 of my Search Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Marketing (part 1 is here), I’m going to take a moment to focus on one of the more confusing aspects to a newbie of Facebook Marketing: Interest Targeting. The tools that are used for this are known as “Suggested Likes & Interests” […]

Semantic Schematic SEO Geek: My Interview With Mike Arnesen

3 years ago, Mike emailed me out of the blue, and his email began: As you know, I’m just starting my journey into SEO and man, there’s a lot to learn out there… You can tell by his answers and these awesome posts that he’s learned quite a bit. :.) 1)       Please give me your background […]

(iOS + Android + Blackberry) – WebOS = Mobile Success on Google

Today’s post is from Bradley Zeller,  New York native and San Diego resident and the PPC Manager for Obu Interactive. Bradley has a wide range of marketing experience, including ecommerce marketing and legal marketing. He spends his free time traveling the California coast with his girlfriend and taking advantage of San Diego’s beautiful beaches. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is […]

B2B Marketing Comes to Facebook PPC in a Big Way

      Can Facebook advertising work for B2B marketers? Surely not, you say, given the conventional wisdom that Facebook advertising doesn’t even work for consumer marketing, right? Perhaps 12 months ago, both of these assumptions might have been true; today, however, Facebook is rapidly becoming a major force (for good) for B2B advertising. In […]

A layperson’s reasons for buying Facebook stock

      Today’s post is by Hillary Read, Marketing Manager at PPC Associates. Hillary has no Facebook buying experience, has very little stock buying experience, and generally distrusts ads when she’s not working for a digital marketing agency. I haven’t owned stock since the early 1990s, when I cashed in my five shares or […]