Month: August 2012

Marketing Morsels From: Rob Fuggetta

PPC Associates’ interview series with some of digital marketing’s thought leaders continues with Rob Fuggetta, founder and CEO of brand-advocacy company Zuberance and author of “Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Companies Into a Powerful Marketing Force.” Name: Rob Fuggetta Title: Founder/CEO Company: Zuberance What’s the first metric you check when you start work for the day? Where the […]

Lifestyle Indicators – How The Lorax and Weddings Can Help Targeting

Today’s post is from Bradley Zeller, New York native and San Diego resident and the PPC Manager for Obu Interactive. Bradley has a wide range of marketing experience, including ecommerce marketing and legal marketing. He spends his free time traveling up the California coast with his girlfriend and taking advantage of San Diego’s beautiful beaches. What do […]

Quick-Start Guide to Promoted Posts

      According to Facebook, only 30% of your friends or fans see your Timeline posts considering the time they are logging on, volume of posts at the time, etc. What a disappointment considering all of the work you put into it, right?   Of course, Facebook has an advertising answer to this: Promoted […]

Football, Landing-Page Testing, and Passion

Football is finally back. College, pro, whatever your preference – America’s favorite sport is back and ready to consume entire weekends of productivity. Fool that I am, I find myself rooting for my alma mater, UC Berkeley, and it’s no picnic. Sports fans love a good underdog, but it’s been 50 years since the Bears […]

Facebook’s New Sponsored Results: Preliminary Findings

      Last week, Facebook publicly launched “Sponsored Results,” a search type-ahead ad unit, and we at Ampush have been testing these ads for a casual gaming app. The ad unit can be created using the Power Editor from the same general ads tab. While our sample size is small thus far, here are […]

What the New Google Plus Knowledge Graph Update Means For Brands

Andrew Shotland is the Proprietor of Local SEO, a premier enterprise and local SEO consulting company. Andrew runs the popular Local SEO Guide blog and is also a regular writer for SearchEngineLand. He will be speaking this fall at SMX East and BIA Kelsey’s SMB Digital Marketing 2012. Yesterday I stumbled upon a new […]

Promoted Posts – Breakdown and Tips for Best Use

      Promoted posts, though currently rather limited in targeting capability, are great options for small businesses. They’re simple to use, they show your message in the newsfeed of fans and friends of fans – (not on the right side), and they’re convenient, because you can select the post to advertise from right within […]

Enterprising Enterprise SEO: My Interview With David Portney

I’ve known David, SEO Strategist at Portent, for a few years through our SEMpdx Portland Search Marketing Group. When we chatted recently at our annual rooftop event, perhaps with a combination of fun and sun (and maybe a little rum), I ended up asking David to do an e-interview, and he graciously accepted. 1)       Please give […]

4 Simple Requests for Facebook’s Power Editor

      Nisho Cherison is the Senior Manger of Online Advertising at One Kings Lane, where he manages Facebook and other social and emerging media advertising efforts. When he’s not neck-deep in thinking up innovative marketing strategies, you can find him playing his guitar and dreaming about opening his own recording studio one day. […]

How to Coordinate SEO and PPC Campaigns

Today’s post is from Eric Lander (@ericlanderseo), an SEO consultant who has worked in the industry since 2001. In his current roles as Senior Manager of SEO at D50 Media and Organic Search Strategist at How’s Your Pony?, Eric crafts strategic optimization plans and advises clients on how to increase their SEO rankings in Google […]