Month: July 2012

Brand marketers: 10 ways to prepare before your next social media post

By Courtney Seiter, Raven Internet Marketing Tools Community Manager Social media is all about instant gratification – the quick hit of a perfectly crafted tweet, the rush of “likes” from a great Facebook post. So it’s not always welcome advice to hear about the groundwork a brand needs to do before starting a social media […]

User Identity and Preference Management: Facebook & Google Quo Vadis?

      This is my first post on FBPPC. I run Optimal, Inc., and our software powers Facebook ad buying for many agencies and brands – I promise I’ll mostly talk about advertising on this site, but I want to start with something slightly different first and I hope you will indulge me. Imagine […]

Sneaky-great ways to use new remarketing for search ads

By Susan Waldes, Account Director When I initially heard about remarketing for search ads (RFSA) in January, my response was lukewarm. To baseline what we are talking about, RFSA (officially released by Google last week as “AdWords remarketing lists for search ads”) allows you to layer a retargeting audience onto a search campaign. It works […]

Introducing – a dedicated Facebook advertising blog

If you read this blog regularly, you know we’re convinced that Facebook advertising is a train all  marketers should be boarding. How strongly do we feel about it? Well, how does a dedicated Facebook advertising blog grab you? This morning marks the launch of, which opens with a roster of experts including BlitzMedia’s Dennis Yu, […]

“5 Minutes With” Guestmob’s Yann Ngongang

PPC Associates’ interview series with some of the top in-house folks in the marketing biz continues with Yann Ngongang, CEO of next-generation hotel booking platform Guestmob. Name:  Yann Ngongang Company: Guestmob Position: CEO If you could invent something, what would it be? Mind-reading augmented reality glasses. Seriously, within the realm of what we do here at […]

Overwhelmed by your inbox? A fanboy recommends Sanebox

Today’s post is by Terry Whalen, Managing Director at Sum Digital, a San Francisco digital marketing agency. Terry has managed millions in PPC spend for consumer and B2B advertisers since 2006. (Sanebox disclosure: Terry loves to train his emails into submission, but he has no affiliation and zero financial interest in touting this tool.) Emails are important. Some of them […]

“All 50 States” AdWords Targeting Won’t Work for Mobile Devices

By Tyler Jordan, Account Manager Earlier this month, we explained why it’s important to switch AdWords targeting from “US” to all 50 states (and D.C.). Turns out this is great advice for everything except mobile devices. The problem, as explained by an AdWords rep, is that mobile devices often run from cell towers (not WiFi), and […]

Why This Probably Won’t Be the Year of the Tweet in Politics

By Anthony Young, Director of Online Acquisition at SnapLogic  “Social media is like teen sex. Everyone wants to do it. No one actually knows how. When finally done, there is a surprise it’s not better.”  — Tweet from Avinash Kaushik This year’s presidential election has already been dubbed the “The Social Media Election.” Dick Costolo, CEO and co-founder […]

For Facebook PPC, It’s 1848. Hitch Your Wagon!

      Imagine being alive in 1848 and getting a tip that massive amounts of gold had been discovered in California. If you sold all of your possessions, bought a nice wagon, and rushed to California, you might have done pretty well.  As Wikipedia notes: Some of these “forty-eighters”, as the earliest gold-seekers were […]

“5 Minutes With” Rent the Runway’s Amy McDowell

Our interview series with some of the top in-house folks in marketing continues with Amy McDowell, VP of Consumer Marketing for NYC fashion-rental innovator Rent the Runway. Amy leads the company’s paid member acquisition strategy and execution (SEM, Display, Paid Social, and Affiliate marketing) as well as email and member remarketing campaigns. She has 12 years of marketing and […]

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